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  1. Orient OMG-20L-TL3 Microwave Oven


    A conventional microwave can prepare a meal for two, three or four persons; what if it's a dinner for five or six for that matter? It's obviously inconvenient to prepare one half of the meal and wait for the second half to be prepared, continuously worrying that the first half might get cold by the time its ready. Orient Microwave Ovens are more spacious than the standard capacity ovens so you can defrost, heat, cook and reheat more food at the same time!

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    The world is living life in the fast lane -time saving is a definite yes, and that is what we bring you! With the Auto Cook feature, cooking has been turned into fun. All you need to do is prepare the ingredients, fill up a bowl and select the pertinent power levels, time it and let Orient work its magic! The microwave will cook the food for you!


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